Friday, March 14, 2008

Thank you AOL for crashing my laptop!

I have been having problems with AOL since I got my laptop in July. It was really buggy and slow very frustrating. I blamed it on dial up and Vista.

So my computer crashed and I had to take it to Circuit City and let the Firedog guys look at it. I thought my laptop was a goner and I was bummed . I thought they were going to have to send it in for parts to be replaced. So after being in the shop for a week they went through everything and it was AOL that was causing the problems. So we wiped it off my computer and it runs great now.

I am thankful in a way that it happened because I had to switch ISP . With the new ISP I will be able to get off dial-up and go back to high speed because this company is building a tower less then a mile from my house. I hated giving up my DSL when we bought this house in the country. I started using Mozilla/ Firefox as my browser,OMG it is so much better then any browser I have used before; so Thank you AOL.


Anonymous said...

Oh how great is that, huh?? Someone saw the need to infect mine with a crumby worm so I take it to the shop and then it was like it was taken hostage!! I thought No Way this can't be happening,, I'ld call the tech and he wouldn't answer calls and also wouldn't return my calls for 2 weeks and inbetwwen calls I would be running to his shop 15 miles away one way no less, to see if I could catch him there,,, ugh, finally I left him a message that I need it that next morning and to please be there at 9am so I can pick it up fixed or not I want it back.... well I actually got it back,,,,

Ginger said...

Oh my I feel for you....I understand how you feel. I hope yours is working well for you now.
Mine has been in the shop twice now arrgggg. I sure hope it stays home for awhile.