Friday, February 29, 2008

Craft Show

Tomorrow is the start of the spring craft show season for me. I am so glad I enjoy doing them.

I spend all winter making things for the spring shows and my Etsy shop. The first show of the season is a good one for getting feedback on what I have been doing over the winter to see what is working and what is not. It is also a good time to promote my shop.

Another good thing about the early shows is they are more relaxed and it's a good time to network with other crafters about upcoming shows and meet local promoters looking for vendors for fall shows. I am being a lot more choosy about the shows I do now; I use to do any show that asked when I first started out. I do mostly juried handcrafts only shows; there are less of them but I do better at them.

So I need to go to sleep now so I will be bright and cheerful for the morning.

Friday, February 22, 2008

It's snowing again!

Snow makes me LAZY!
I should be working on things for the craft show I have coming up on the 1st., I have a lot of things that need labeled and price tags added. I also have an order and some canes for the cane swap on the first that I need to get packaged up and taken to the post office. Plus tons of other crap I don't really feel like doing.
What am I doing instead...I am sitting in my studio looking out the sliding glass doors at beautiful snowflakes falling in my back yard. I live in the country and my back yard is bordered by woods so the view is very cool when it snows. I really should be doing something productive .....maybe later. I wonder how many other people find watching snow fall relaxing?

Monday, February 18, 2008

I would love to have a link to your blog!

If you have a cool blog and would like me to link to yours please leave your blog address in the comments section . I'll read your blog and add you to my list. If you would like to link to my blog that would be great.
Peace Ginger

I enjoy making beads..........

One of the reasons I began working with polymer clay is because I wanted different beads for the jewelry I was making. I live in a very small town with not alot to choose from for craft supplies and I wasn't on line at that time. I started goofing around with the polymer clay and fell in love with it. The things that can be done with it are endless.
I try to challenge my self by working outside my color comfort zone. I work very little with red and yellow so I was very surprised about how much I like the beads in the photo. I made 2 sets of each bead shape I put one set of each in my Etsy shop for others to use and then I made the bracelet and necklace in the photos above.
Polymer clay is fun and I highly recomend it to anyone who enjoys working with color.
I have a craft show coming up March 1st. in Clinton Indiana at the old High School Gym, if you are in the area come on by it is a nice show with tons of handcrafted items.

Monday, February 4, 2008

I am ready for spring!!!!!!

This is a compact mirror. The top is enbellished with polymer clay. I didn't use paint to make the design the butterflies are made with a techneque called milifori cane work. It is fun to create pictures using nothing but colors of clay. I usually make all of the canes I use in my work but in this piece I used a butterfly cane made by C.A. Therine she makes beautiful canes with high details. The bracelet at the top of the page is another spring themed piece I will add to my shop in a day or two. It is made from polymer clay tiles using floral canes that I made. Pink is a color I like to use for spring themed things.
Spring please come soon; I have a terriable, terriable cold and I need some sunshine and a warm breeze.........

Saturday, February 2, 2008

View from my window

I opened my curtians yesterday morning to a beautiful site. I live in the country and we had several inches of snow yesterday. The snow it's self is beautiful but when I opened the curtians it was still snowing and outside the window on our trees and the porch railing was a flock of hungry Cardinals. I have never seen so many in one place; I would say there were at least 30 of them so I tooks some photos.
My Cats really enjoyed laying in front of the window watching them feed. Here birdy!!!!