Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Keep on trying

I really like making hollow lentil beads I think they make great pendants and earrings except for one thing...no matter how carefully I trim and sand the beads the seam in the side still shows a little and it bothers me. So I have been working on different ways to design aroud the seam to make it less noticable.

I have made polymer clay bezels they work nicely but still not exactly what I wanted.
I have wire wrapped them that works great because of the channel the joint creates and the wire covers that really well but still not exactly what I wanted.

So last night I was messing with some of my seed beads and I created after much trial and error this bead net bezel in the photo and lo and behold it does everything I want it to do.....no visible seam in bead showing and I think the beads really enhance the pretty polymer bead. The pendant is reversible because the bead and bezel are just as pretty on the other side. I will be using the bezel a lot now for my lentils. I can leave it basic and conservative like this one but it also has a lot of possibility for further embellishment for those times when I feel like going overboard.

I am so glad I didn't give up and kept trying because I met the challenge and am happy with the outcome.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I fell in love with these beads...

I must confess I have a bit of a problem when it comes to buying and hoarding beads.

I don't know how most people create but I buy beads that speak to me with no idea how I will use them. Then I hoard them until they tell my "Muse" what to do with them...

This necklace is a good example:

Almost 2 years ago Jose and I went to a bead show in Chicago and I saw the cranberry pearls for some reason I had to have them. I don't know why because they are not in my usual color pallet. I passed by them twice before I went back to get them. So there they sat in my bead stash waiting to be used.

A few weeks ago I saw the 2 piece lamp work shell beads and fell in love with them; so much so I bought 4 strands in 2 colors again not in my usual pallet. I didn't have a clue how I was going to use them. So there they sat in my bead stash waiting to be used.

A couple of days ago I was feeling unmotivated so I conditioned some pearl clay and began to play with some ink and alcohol to see what kind of pretty sheets of color I could come up with. One of the sheets came out looking like sunset colors with a very pretty pattern- Ding- the light bulb above my head went on and I thought it would make some pretty hollow lentil beads. I made the beads and when they were done sanded,buffed and polished I loved how this one looked. Again I had no idea how I was going to use it.....

As I was putting it away in my stash I saw the cranberry pearls and the shell beads next to the lentil and in my mind I saw this necklace......

So that is how I create; strange I know but is what works for me....How do you create?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Grand Opening Sale!!

March 21-25,2009
To officially honer the Grand Opening of my new ArtFire shop I am offering awesome BOGO sale in all of my shops.

Buy 1 Item Get 50% off Second Item +

Combined shipping even if you buy from either shop.

Go ahead and check out and I will return discounts to your pay pal account to make it easier for you. Wright BOGO in notes to seller to qualify for awesome discounts.


Friday, March 13, 2009

Check out my new ArtFire studio

Check out the showcase link to my new ArtFire Studio. I have really been enjoying the set up there. I have found a couple of exciting new artists. The community there seems to be very supportive, I imagine that is how it was when Etsy was a new start up company.

I am posting a new item from my bath and body line.

Portable soap balms
These are awesome for slipping in your purse diaper bag and gym bag. They are perfect for travel, no mess no fuss. just take off top rub on wet cloth or hand; recap and use.
I dislike the alcohol sanitizer and sometimes it isn't enough to clean something up the portable soap balm is the perfect answer.

Solid Body Butter Balm
This is my favorite new product I just love the feel and convenience of this product. It is a long lasting ultra rich body butter that fits great in handbag, desk drawer and travels so well. It is awesome for all dry areas and my feet have never been softer.

on my work table.....bead loom project, and herbal bath salts.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sometimes life gets in the way.........

Well things have been busy at the Casa De Gonzalez the last month some good things and some bad. It has gotten in the way of keeping up my blog but I'm back......

So her is some of the new things I have been doing....................

This week I opened a new shop http://Gingerbells.ArtFire.com
ArtFire is a new site that features handcrafts. I have found a lot of new talented crafters browsing the Studio Shops; I also see a lot of Etsy shopkeepers there too. It looks like a promising up and coming site.

I have booked some of my Spring shows here are the dates...........
Brockton Big red Barn Market April 3-4
Brockton, Illinois

Wabash Valley Herb Festival May 9
Fairbanks Park, Terre Haute, Indiana

Rosedale Strawberry Festival June 5-6-7
Rosedale ,Indiana

I am gonna try to book a couple more maybe it will help make up for the slow down on Etsy. If not I will still have fun I really enjoy doing craft shows.

I have pulled out my bead loom and am really enjoying working on it again, I am working on a amulet bag right now. I think it might be cute to hold my cell phone.
It's working up nicely and I am surprised it's been a long time since I have drawn up a beading chart. I like drawing up the charts and playing with my colored pencils. If we ever get some sunshine I'll takes some photos of the work in progress.....I am so ready for spring!