Friday, February 29, 2008

Craft Show

Tomorrow is the start of the spring craft show season for me. I am so glad I enjoy doing them.

I spend all winter making things for the spring shows and my Etsy shop. The first show of the season is a good one for getting feedback on what I have been doing over the winter to see what is working and what is not. It is also a good time to promote my shop.

Another good thing about the early shows is they are more relaxed and it's a good time to network with other crafters about upcoming shows and meet local promoters looking for vendors for fall shows. I am being a lot more choosy about the shows I do now; I use to do any show that asked when I first started out. I do mostly juried handcrafts only shows; there are less of them but I do better at them.

So I need to go to sleep now so I will be bright and cheerful for the morning.


Julie said...

ah - craft shows! I love doing them, even though I've yet to have a really good one, income wise. but interacting with the public, and meeting other crafters draws me back time and time again!

Ginger said...

That is what draws me to them as well.
I like doing the local ones when people come to me and say; "You were here last year and I bought __ and I was hoping you would be here this year so I can get something else from you." That can make my day.
I am looking forward to the ones I have coming up.