Friday, March 28, 2008

Getting ready for next craft show

I have been busy making some new items for an upcoming craft show. I have been having fun making little things that I think would make nice Mothers Day gifts. I have a couple of cute little pill boxes that would make a nice gift for Mom.

I have also been making soap like crazy. I need someone to package up 15 lbs of olive oil soap and a bunch of oatmeal soap. Packaging and labeling is my least favorite part of making things. I have 15 lbs of goats milk soap I am planning on making next. I do 15 lbs at a time because that is all the room I have on my drying racks. I have a lot of really lovely new scents for spring; fruity and florals. I had a hard time not going for the scents I like best which are woody,earthy,spicy scents. Jose calls them my "hippy head shop scents". I was a teen ager in the 70's and I grew up in the Pacific North West ; what does he expect from an old hippy :o).


Anonymous said...

Hi Ginger.. those are cute little pill boxes! I was a teenager in the 70s too!! :) I've been trying to catch up on custom orders since I feel better from this sinus infection that just didn't know when to leave. I don't have any shows till Nov & Dec but I want to get my things sewn this summer so I'm not rushed again this year. I wish I could visit one of the shows your in sometime! Your stuff is so neat! Are you ever up here in the Blueberry Festival??

Ginger said...

Bummer that you have been feeling bad Mary that is never fun.
I hate being rushed for shows too. I work during the winter making things for spring shows and summer I make things for the fall shows. My stuff doesn't do well in hot weather and neither do I..
I would love it if you could come to one of my shows. I have never been to the blueberry festival maybe I can talk Jose into it.
Thank you so much for your kind comments about my stuff it means a lot to me.