Friday, March 14, 2008

Yummy new soaps

I made these olive oil soaps yesterday. I thought it would be nice to show them before and after cutting. I also made coordinating body frostings.

The scents are beautiful and my house smells so good.

The lavender colored loaf is Banyan fruit/Vetiver and is topped with rose petals. The smell of this soap is beautiful.

The 2 tone blue is Blue Sugar scent and is a very sexy scent.

The peach and green soap is a beautiful jasmine blend that makes me think of our trip to Mexico. When we were there the wild jasmine was blooming I would pick a few flowers every day and leave them in our car; the heat in the car would warm the flowers and perfume our car with the exotic scent. Amazing smell and memory.

These will go in my supply room to cure for a couple of weeks to get ready for my next craft show. Today I will be making several batches of spicy/ woodsy scents and I will cut them tomorrow.

I love the olive oil soap it is my favorite it is so creamy and rich it leaves my skin feeling wonderful.

Well I am off to get my mold ready and fire up my soap pot and get to work.


Anonymous said...

Ginger are you sure thats soap??? They look a tad to Yummy & cute to use... I love to take soaps like that and fix up a basket just for the "Prettiness" it creates. I hadn't had time to go through my blogs and see what you are all up to. Its sunny out today but still to cold.

Ginger said...

Sunny and cold here today too.
These soaps are nicer to use then they are to look at olive oil soap is my new fave......Thank you so much. Ginger