Friday, March 21, 2008

Darn laptop

Ok my 6 month old laptop is in the shop again aaargggggggggggggggg. It is soooo making me crazy, I had it in 3 weeks ago and all seemed well for about 2 days and now I have a $1,300 doorstop till they figure out what the problemo is.
Meanwhile until it gets fixed I am going to be using the library computer. It is great that this service is available. I live about 30 miles from the library so I will only be able to come here every other day or so because gas cost just way to much. Meanwhile I am going through computer withdrawal.
Sales are picking up nicely in my shop and I hate to make people wait a day or so before I mail out their orders but for now it can't be helped. I have a good friend that is checking my shop throughout the day and she will let me know if someone purchases something so I can come here to the library and finish processing the order.
I always like to find the silver lining in every cloud and I guess the upside to this problem is that I won't be spending so much time on the computer so I will get more things made for the craft show I have coming up in 2 weeks and I might actually get some housework done[yikes].
Oh well .........

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