Sunday, December 30, 2007

I made some new beads

Well I put my free crafting time to good use and made some new beads. I started intending to make some more floral beads well that sure as heck isn't what I ended up with.

I am pretty happy with these and I have already posted some of them in my Etsy shop. I am keeping some of the tile beads to make a watch and a bracelet for my shop.
I like the odd shape of the tiles and I think they could make an interesting piece. I think the texture on the side adds a little something to them.
I am going to add them to my Flickr page. Flickr is a cool photo sharing site. I have seeing some of the most interesting photos there. Check it out http>//
Time for me to go start a new project....What will I make?

Friday, December 28, 2007

Guilt free crafting time

Today starts 2 days of guilt free crafting. My Husband Jose will be going to Chicago for 2 days to visit family. I am going to turn off the phone and get to it, YIPPEE.

What will I make today?

Some new beads maybe?

I like the ones in the photo I made the other day. I listed these in my Etsy shop but I would like a set for myself. They would make such a pretty bracelet.

I love making beads they are part of the reason I got into polymer clay. I had been making jewelry for years but I was getting bored with the beads I was able to find locally and I needed a way to make my jewelry different from others. Polymer clay was the answer. With it I am able to have any shape, color or design I can dream up. With polymer clay the possibilities are endless.

Of course beads led to other items. I enjoyed making this sculpted mirror for a friend. she is going to give it to her Mother in law for a gift. The whole mirror is made from polymer clay; I never use paint on the things I make all even tho it looks like it's painted.

I am not sure what I will make today but I can guarantee it will be colorful and it will have flowers of some kind on it..........

The cats have been fed and Jose is on his way so I am off to get busy............

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My new blog

I have put off starting a blog for as long as I can. Why? Because I am not comfortable talking about myself. But I am now ready to begin.

I am not really sure where to start.

I am compelled to move forward maybe the best way to start would be to wish who ever reads my first post A Very Merry Christmas. I hope your day was filled with joy.....

Well now that I have broken the ice I'll come back in a day or two and really get busy with my new blog.