Monday, January 19, 2009

Upcycled Cuties

A neighbor of mine knew that I make candles so the other day she brought me a bag of frosted tumblers that she had saved from the store bought candles that her daughter in Law likes. She said she thought it would be a bummer to just throw them away and I agreed with her.I cleaned them up and this is what I did with them.

She gave me 9 tumblers and here are the four I made yesterday. I am so missing spring that I had to decorate these to remind me of why I love spring.

The Enchantment candle is Green Clover and Aloe scented.
The Happiness and Love Candles are Sweet Sugar [pink sugar] scented.
The Hope candle is Exotic Night Blooming Tuberose.

I scented these to go with the new soaps I listed this week end. I think the 2 together would make a awesome gift. I made one for myself too. I have a few others that I will be finishing over the next couple of days.

On my work table.....A pretty shabby chic beach themed photo frame and candle. I may list them as a set.


Anonymous said...

They are really cute, love what you did with them! Oh My, Spring can't come quick enough for me, it has been so Cold and to much snow!! Do you make the tarts for tart burners?

Ginger said...

It has been freezing here too. I hardly want to leave the house BRRR.
I can hardly wait for the spring bulbs to start blooming.

Yup I make tarts and crumbles for tart burners,heck I even make tart burners.