Sunday, January 25, 2009

Finding new things

Etsy has a lot of wonderful supply sellers and it is great fun to look through their shops. I have found some awesome things to spice up my polymer clay jewelry.

Lately for me it has been vintage and Victorian styles that have been calling to me. I am also loving antique copper and brass. Today I got a bunch of beautiful copper and brass findings that I will be using for some awesome earrings I have planned.

I found the pretty pendant mounting while shopping around Etsy and built this necklace around it. I made the pearl peach floral beads and strung them with pale peach freshwater pearls. Click on photos to get a better view. I listed it in my shop tonight; . I am getting my spring collection ready for the spring shows and I think this will fit right in if someone doesn't buy it before then.

On my work table now.... earring earrings and more earings....


Elaine @ said...

I can usually find some cool new things on Etsy too! It's fun to see what folks have, what they've collected.

The pendant finding is neat but your beads are standout Ginger!

Ginger said...

Thank you Elaine any compliment from you means a lot to me.

I am so glad to have Etsy as a great supply resource.