Saturday, January 31, 2009

I want to kick my cat's butt!

I have a long haired orange cat named Rupert and I love him dearly but this morning I really wanted to kick his furry little butt.....Why?

Last night I was working on a beaded project when I got tired and decided to finish it this morning. I had 2 large organizer boxes filled with crystals and gemstones that I had been picking beads from for my project on my worktable. I figured they would be fine as they were closed . Welllll that's not exactly right.

I got up this morning went to kitchen to make coffee and all of the sudden I heard a huge CRASH! Apparently Mr. Rupert launched himself off my desk and on too my worktable sending the 2 boxes of beads flying onto the floor where they opened up emptying and mixing 36 different compartments of beads and gemstones....OMG! What a pretty mess!!!

Above I posted some photos of another one of my polymer clay and glass tile pendants. I strung this one with some nice spring time beads. I think I'll post it in my Etsy shop later.....


Elaine @ said...

The necklace is beautiful :D

And I have no pets but my messmaker - apart from me - can open latches so we have that scene at least every week.

i will be very happy when I move to a studio space with laminate in the summer... I would prefer the sparkly messes to not end up in my vacuum!

Ginger said...

My carpet has a lot of texture in it I am glad it wasn't 2 trays of seed beads... :0).

My 2 1/2 year old grandson will be coming over tomorrow to watch Super Bowl with Grandpa so I am locking up my beads, I don't want to tempt him.

Congrats on the new studio space that will be fun for you.

Poor Rupert has been skittish all day, he really scared himself.

MoeArt said...

There is only ONE solution. You will have to send me all your beads and gemstones so poor Rupert doesn't hurt himself. WEG

Ginger said...

Moe if he does it again I may scoop them up and send them to ya because I do not want to have to separate them again.

On the + side as I was reorganizing the beads I discovered some color and texture combinations I might not have otherwise. guess I will have to give the darn cat design credit..NOT.