Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Angela's visit

Our 17 year old niece Angela came to visit us for a week. She is a lovely young woman and we loved having her.
She lives in Chicago and is very much the city girl so it was quite the culture shock for her because we live in very rural Indiana. She was a good sport and even though she is not an out door girl she went hiking in the woods with Jose she also let him teach her target practice ax throwing with him. I took photos because none of her friend would believe she did it with out them.
We spent a lot of time in my studio making bracelets for her friends and making a sculpture for her Drama teacher. She is a very creative girl we have a lot in common.
Another thing we did was go to The Newport Aquarium in Newport Kentucky, I am posting some of the cool photos we took.
I hope she enjoyed her visit as much as we did.......


artsyclay said...

Looks like a great visit! I just found your beautiful soaps with "icing" and will keep them in mind for Christmas gifts.

Ginger said...

Thank you; yes we had a good time. It was nice to have another girl in the house.
I'm so glad you like my soaps. They will make a wonderful gift.
It is funny the amount of polymer clay techniques that work well with soap decorating and visa versa.