Sunday, June 29, 2008

My blog needs some love

Well things have been busy in the Casa De Gonzalez lately and my blog has been really neglected. So I thought I would give my blog a little love and do a show and tell.
I did a trade with Nat of she makes the most beautiful kaleidoscope canes and she loves my hand cream and I love her canes so we traded. I have been making some very pretty beads with her canes. yesterday I used some of the beads to make the watch and bracelet you see on my blog page. I will be showing you more of the things I am making with her lovely canes I have 7 different cane designs to work with. so if you are looking for some beautiful canes to use in your polymer clay creations I highly recommend this Belgium artist. She makes cool cane and she's a very nice person as well.
I made this awesome honey soap last night and I love it the combination of the honey and the orange/ vanilla scent is so yummy I am keeping 2 bars of it for myself. I used some of it this morning and I really enjoyed the scent and the rich lather. I like that it is sls and detergent free making it super nourishing for my skin.

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