Monday, July 7, 2008

Look Who's 2

Well they sure do grow fast. Yesterday was Brenden's 2nd. birthday Ashley and Aaron had a nice BBQ to celebrate. There were about 25 of us there.

Right now Brenden's favorite thing is trains and he has been telling us he was having a Cho Cho Party and he wasn't kidding. 99% of his gifts were Thomas the Train items he even got Thomas underwear and tooth paste. He was thrilled.

You can see by the photo of him and his Grandpa by the time it was cake time he was pretty well partied out. So was Grandpa. It is so cool to be Grandparents.


Sarah said...

Awwww! I get to attend a "2" party in August. You are right, being a Mimi is a cool thing!
(ps- soap arrived in good shape--thanks

Ginger said...

The little ones are awesome. Brenden will be a big brother in September. He will have a little sister we are excited.
Happy Birthday to your little one!
I am glad your soaps got to you safe and sound Enjoy!