Sunday, January 13, 2008

My God my house smells good today..

Why? I have been making soaps all day.

Some people only make cold process soaps; some only hot process and yet others love to make melt and pour soaps. Each maker believing that their method of soap making is the best. For me I think there is room for each kind of soap; they all have good points.

Melt and pour glycerin soaps are cool because they are easy to work with and take colors and fancy mold shapes really well. I have seen people do some cute creative things using M&P like "fish in a bag" kids soaps. The soapier fills a small bag with clear soap and suspends a small plastic fish in it then ties the top of the bag with a twist tie. When it sets up it looks like you have just brought home a new pet from the pet store. Very cute.

Cold process and hot process soaps are made using butters, oils and lye. It's made the old fashion way and makes beautiful nourishing soap for your skin. You won't find a lot of the chemicals in these soaps like in M&P soaps.

I make M&P soaps and Cold Process soaps using a method called "re-batching". Re-batching makes a more rustic looking soap then the traditional cold process method.

Today I made several batches of pretty M&P oatmeal soaps. I made lavender with chamomile and some beautiful freesia scented oatmeal soap.

I also made some cold process lavender and chamomile olive oil soap; it's kinda ugly but it smells awesome and lathers beautifully. I also made some Mandarin and Bergamont with orange zest Goats milk cold process soap. That is my favorite scent.

My drying racks are full of these beautiful scented soaps. Once they are good and dry I need to get them wrapped and labeled.

I am designing new labels for the soaps, I am not happy with my old labels and it's time for a change. I am not a big fan of graphic design but I will get it done before they dry.


Sarah said...

ohhhhhh, goats milk soap? any going on etsy or anything?? HMMMMM??

Ginger said...

yup Sarah I put some up in my Etsy shop last night and will be adding more as it get dry enough fo use.

DivaDea said...

I'll be checking your shop for soaps! Can't wait to see 'em.