Sunday, January 20, 2008

Back at my clay table

Well I think I have my soap stock built back up. I made 4 batches of Goats milk soap yesterday and cut them today. So after they dry I will get them posted in my shop.

So today I was back at my clay table and it felt good to start blending some new colors. I finished one project today that I am pretty happy with. It is a tart warmer ; I embellished it with sculpted tropical flowers and leaves on the base that mirrored the milifori cane work I did on the votive part of the burner. I have a little sanding to be done and then I will post a photo. I think I will offer it with a package or two of the soy wax breakaway tarts that I sell. I think it will make a great gift. The tarts in the photo above are what I make . They smell awesome I use them every day.
On a personal note I got some surprising good news from my Son.....He and his wife are expecting their second baby sometime in early September. Wow 2 in diapers yucky,lol.

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