Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I love soap

Yes I know it's wierd but I do..

Most of the women I know love to spend money on shoes and handbags. Not me I don't even like to wear shoes..

I spend my mad money on soaps and bath and body products. It makes my husband crazy that I spend money buying soap when I make and sell soap myself. I make great cookies too but I like to try other peoples cookies too and it's the same with the bath and body items I like to try what others make.

Etsy is a awesome place to find some absolutely wonderful soap makers and I have managed to spend a good amount of time trying their wonderful products. I thought I would like to tell others about some of my favorite Etsy soapers

I love shopping at she makes beautiful rich body butters that make my hands and any other rough spots feel soft and pampered and the pumpkin spiced body butter is totally decadent. Her soaps are beautiful and smell great. My favorite item she makes is the pumpkin spice brown sugar scrub. I can honestly say my legs have never been smoother. I highly recommend her products and her customer service is top notch.

Another wonderful soap shop on Etsy is . I love her soaps they have a lovely creamy texture and the solid lotion bars are yummy. My favorite thing that I have bought from her are her soy melts. I make those too but hers are different then mine, they are a softer wax. I don't know where she gets her scents but they are nice a have a long lasting scent throw. She has great products and customer service.

I don't sell my soaps on Etsy yet I sell them locally at festivals and in a local shop. I am going to be adding some to my shop as soon as I have enough stock for the other places I sell them.

No matter how much soap and cookies I make I will still want to try others and I will for sure buy from Morganstreet and Cozymoments again. If you would like to check out their shops follow the link in my article also if you look in my blogs that I enjoy section you will see links to their blogs where you can see some of their awesome Sweet smelling stuff.

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CozyMoments said...

Thank You for your lovely compliments on our products. :) I so relate to you - even though I make soaps and bath and body goodies, I love to treat myself to soaps and bath and body goodies made by others!! I did a soap swap on Etsy and got to try morganstreet's soaps and they are AWESOME!! She has some yummy looking products and she is such a nice lady! :)

Thank You again Ginger. :)