Monday, April 6, 2009

A wonderful craft show

Every spring my first Show of the season is The Brockton Red Barn Market. I have done it the last 3 years and every year it gets better. This year was very good Jose and I had a good time and made a good profit.

Brockton is a very small town in Rural Illinois so small if you blink you will miss it. There are no stop lights and the only business are a small cafe,bar and archery shop. Also there is a huge red barn that they use for horse shows and things like that. It's very cool and quaint. They also have antique sales there and every April they have the Big Red Barn Antique and Craft Show. This town is 25 miles from the nearest town so you would think there wouldn't be any business but that is not the case; at times there were so many customers I couldn't see across to the other booths.

I wish I had photos but the light wasn't good enough maybe next year...

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