Thursday, April 2, 2009

Something for my sore muscles

ARRRRGGGG I hate getting old and some of the things that go with it. For me the body aches are the worst part. So a few years ago I started making different soaks and bath teas to relax my ouchys. I decided to make some for my shops.

I just love this stuff it smells awesome. When I am tired and my muscles ache I fill my tub with warm water . Then I fill a cotton bag with the herbs and salt and drop it into the tub to dissolve the salts and release the beautiful scent. The salts relax my muscles and the scent relaxes me. It is the perfect end to a long day.

The combo of dead sea and Epsom salts relax and sooth sore muscles and help detox the skin. I like the rose petals and hips the oils from them seem to help soften my skin. The wild rose and oak is such a awesome warm calming scent.

The resealable bag holds 1 lb. of salts and a reusable cotton bag to fill with the salts and petals. Just fill the bag and drop into the warm tub let the salts dissolve and soak you aches away.


Elaine @ said...

I'm not sure I'm ready to admit to being old yet... but the bath salts sound like a fun idea either way!

The grey in my hair, however, says either 'old' or 'needs Clairol'.

Ginger said...

Well I'll be 50 in June so I'll soon qualify for AARP benifits; oh Joy.

Miss Clairol is one of my best friends.

I could for sure use a good soak after the last 2 days at the show , it was in a barn in the country chilly but fun.

Anonymous said...

I'll be 52 in June and Clairol has been my best friend for years!! I hear ya on the bath salts, I make my own too and its wonderful to soak away a tired achy day!!

Ginger said...

I agree Mary.....I need to try to make some more today. I am thinking maybe a lavender blend. I like to make milk baths too.