Monday, April 6, 2009

New Necklace

I have been enjoying beadweaving my lentil beads. I made this necklace with reversable pendant yesterday. It is much prettier in real life; I am happy with it.

Today I am going to make some floral lentils for some pretty spring designs and change the bezel style some. Maybe add some fringe dangles with some of the crystal flower beads I have.

I listed the red one I made the other day on Sunday in my Etsy shop and it sold in less the 10 minutes. I was shocked it sold so fast and pleased because it will be going to someone who really likes it. I am going to list this one later in Etsy and Artfire hopefully someone will like it too.

I got a beautiful fancy professional beading loom today that I am excited to start using and designing for it. This loom is so pretty it's almost a display as well as a tool. I am thinking maybe a floral patterned bracelet would be nice.

I have other looms that are not 1/2 as nice as the new one, I think I'll keep them to teach my Grandkids with when they get older.


MoeArt said...

Sooooo, what are you going to make me with above mentioned fancy loom? Hmmmmm? :D

Ginger said...

hum maybe a bracelet for your skinny wrist....or a collar for Ipo would be fun.

Daisy Designs Floral said...

I would name it
Plum Passion!
Or Purple Burst!
Or Royal Embelishment.

Can you tell I really want that bar of soap?? lol
Good luck with your contest.


Perfectly Twisted said...

Beautiful necklace! You've done a great job on this blog, very nice :)

Ginger said...

Thank you for your kind comments Twisted.