Monday, October 27, 2008

Pretty in Pink

For some reason I have been going a little Victorian with my jewelry designs, and pink has been the dominate color. Could it be my sweet new Granddaughter binging out the softer pink side of me.

The bold pink and gold bracelet is a perfect example of this style. I sculpted the center focal using my favorite medium polymer clay. This piece isn't for the shy woman it is bold and ornate. It looks heavy but it's not that's the beauty of polymer clay durable but not heavy.

The cameo necklace is a beautiful feminine piece I haven't decided weather or not to sell it or to give it to my sister in law who collects butterflies . I love the metal mounting I am glad I bought several; I will enjoy designing with them.

The other photos are of some of the soap I made this weekend. I made 8 different kinds of soap this week end. Soapmaking is such a satisfying craft. I love to make things that are pretty and functional. I will post some more photos of then in next post.


MoeArt said...

OHOOOO! Them's gorgeous! I LOVE that bracelet! Now you have to tell me where you got that blank. Beautiful work, as always!

Ginger said...

AWW thanks Moe. I bought the blank from a supplier on Etsy . I can't remember her name but I'll check and give it to you later when we talk. G

Anonymous said...

Wow, those are beautiful! You do great work, you should be proud of yourself... :)

Contrariwise said...

Wow, you've been busy.

The cameo necklace is wonderful! Is that really polymer clay?!

Also, your soaps look yummy.

Ginger said...

Thank you Mary for your kind words..

Contra, I wish I was talented enough to make the cameo but it is resin. I just mounted it and designed the necklace.
The bracelet is polymer clay. It is sculpted but a lot less delicate then the cameo.
I am so please you like my soaps I get a lot of joy making them.