Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Let the soaping begin!!!

I just love getting new scents it is one of my favorite things about making soaps and candles.
In the mail today I got....
Spiced Orange..OMG this is yummy and will make some awesome soap and bath soak.
Bonsai...A beautiful unisex spa scent.
Pumpkin Brulee....need I say more.
Mandarin Basil Lime.. is another beautiful unisex spa scent that will make some excellent Olive Oil Soap.
Zanzibar Clove.. A rich and beautiful clove that will become a soap and milk bath.
Wild Rose and Oak....Beautiful, rich, woodsy and sexy. I love it.

This is just the start of my Fall and Winter scent line I have 10 more new scents on the way; Yummo.

Today I made some Ginger Milk Olive Oil soap and it smells like heaven. I am keeping some for myself. I also made some Pumpkin spice Honey soap that is very nice. I'll try to list them tomorrow.

I am one happy soaper.


DivaDea said...

Mandarin basil lime?! That sounds awesome!

Ginger said...

It is a beautiful scent...Fresh and clean. I am gonna have fun soaping it this weekend....

Kim Cavender said...

Let me know when the clove is ready! The pumpkin spice sounds good too.

Your new bracelet looks awesome, Ginger!

Ginger said...

Thanks a bunch Kim. The soaps will be done in about 3 weeks I'll let you know when they are ready to go. Ginger