Friday, August 29, 2008

Insperation and and a blog feature

Where can you find inspiration, great polymer clay art ,adorable animal photos and a blog feature on my shop all in one place...That would be Artsy Clay's blog .

Her blog is well written and has a lot to offer a reader her photos are a lot of fun. She is also a wonderful polymer clay artist she makes the cutest sculpted cat faces as well as other lovely pieces that can be seen on her blog..

I am always touched when someone likes what I do because I get so much joy doing it and for someone to put that much effort into telling others about it is very touching to me and I really appreciate it.

She has reviewed several other shops and I found some new artists things to drool over so if you want to see some cool things check out her blog.

1 comment:

artsyclay said...

Thanks for your kind words!!! It was a pleasure to feature your scrumptious soaps.