Friday, August 22, 2008

Cute little frogs

I have a friend named Moe who lives in Hawaii she is so good at making tiny little things. Awhile back I asked her if she could make me some tiny frogs for a custom order. Well the customer changed her mind and decided she wanted lady bugs instead of frogs. So I got to keep the delicate little cuties Moe made for me.
I can make things but not anything as small as these frogs they are less then 1/2 inch and have tons of detail. She sent me several in different poses so I wanted to make something cute with them; they are cool little buggers.
So I made a little 3 1/2 x 5 frame on a 6x6 1/2 inch piece curved beveled glass. They are little tiny tropical Hawaiian frogs so I wanted to give them some tropical flowers to live on. All of the embellishments are made with polymer clay there isn't any paint on this project.
I hope Moe likes what I have done with her little froggies. I saved my 2 favorites for another project.


MoeArt said...

Moe LOVES your froffies! The flowers are super and the whole frame is grand! You did good, GF! xoxoxo

Ginger said...

Thank you Miss Moe,I am pleased you like the frame.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ginger, I have been busy and didn't have time to read the blogs, you have been busy too the way it looks! :) Those frogs are so cute,you did a great job with the frame also. Very Cute! I need to take a walk through your shops this morning since I'm trying to wait out my headache...