Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This weekend

This week end is our wedding anniversary and our nephew Leonardo's birthday so we are taking a trip to Chicago. It will be a busy weekend.

We are going to drive up Friday late afternoon. We will be going to a coin show Saturday morning then in the afternoon we are going to a big family party at Jose's sister Martha's house. The Gonzalez family parties are always fun ; lots of laughing and food and we all play games together. The youngest person there will be my Grandson who is 20 months and the oldest will be my Father in law who just turned 86.

On Sunday we are going to a bead show at the Highland Park Art Center[yippee I am stoked]. Then we are going to take a drive around the lake to the in laws and spend the night visiting with them. On Monday morning we will be doing a little shopping at the Mexican stores in Jose's old neighborhood. We can't find a lot of the things he likes in poduck where we live so we always stock up when we come to the city. After shopping we will begin the 4 hour drive home with a lot of good memories and some fresh tamales...

We pay our house sitter with tamales :o) .....

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