Saturday, April 26, 2008

Grand Opening

Well Now I have really gone over the deep end and opened a second shop dedacated to bath and body items and candles. It is check it out and feel free to tell me what you think.

I decided to open a second shop to showcase all the personal care items I love to use and make. I will still be carrying some in my main shop but as they sell I will phase them out of that shop.

Every day for a while I will be adding new items that are exclusive to the bath shop. Things like herbal tub teas, milk and soothing salt soaks, foot bath soaks and lip balm just to name a few items.

Right now my house smells awesome I just made some beautiful Chai tea milk bath and sealed it up in giant tea bags for the tub.

Hopefully separating my shops will help me on my quest to become more organized when it comes to my least favorite part of my craft journey; the business side. So dear reader please wish me luck.


Sarah said...

When I grow up I wanna be like Ginger!!!

Ginger said...

LOL Sarah you are to kind.
I tell ya some days I don't know if I'm coming or going. But I am very happy.

Anonymous said...

It looks great, Ginger
I know what you're talking about with the "coming & going" part.. I think I spend to much time chasing my tail!! LOL I'm busy all day and never get enough done!

Ginger said...

Thank you Mary. I am getting to old for all this lol.
I am so lucky to have my supportive Hubby who doesn't care if the house isn't spotless. He is happy that I am happy.