Friday, February 22, 2008

It's snowing again!

Snow makes me LAZY!
I should be working on things for the craft show I have coming up on the 1st., I have a lot of things that need labeled and price tags added. I also have an order and some canes for the cane swap on the first that I need to get packaged up and taken to the post office. Plus tons of other crap I don't really feel like doing.
What am I doing instead...I am sitting in my studio looking out the sliding glass doors at beautiful snowflakes falling in my back yard. I live in the country and my back yard is bordered by woods so the view is very cool when it snows. I really should be doing something productive .....maybe later. I wonder how many other people find watching snow fall relaxing?


Anonymous said...

Oh dear please keep all the snow up there!! :) The only time I like snow is at Christmas time or when its coming down in large flakes but I'm so so tired of winter,I just want to have some warm weather. I want to see my flowers again and it really does seem like its been a long winter this year. I think alot of it has been because its been so cold and we have been sick over and over again... This to shall pass! LOL

Ginger said...

Oh Mary I hear ya it has been a very long winter.
Sorry to hear you have been sick. We call my Grandson "the germ" he gets the colds and we can't stop kissing him so we get it too, lol.

nigule said...

ginger, i know this mood very well! i have a lot of work and i am watching something very nice, like you and your snowlakes.
i don´t like winter so much, but when is snowing, it is really nice :-))
ginger, i don´t know, how to communicate through the blogs, so i live answers to your comments on my blog...
i love your production - creams and soaps, when i see some of them, i want eat them! .-))))
at last, i made photo of my new flowers canes, it is on the blog, if you have time, look there .-)
have a nice day!