Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Do you want to see how I made it?

Don't you just love these colors together? I do.
I had this beautiful Dicro cabochon in my stash for a couple of years waiting for the right design to use it.

I thought it would be fun to do kind of a step by step of how I made these beads into the pretty necklace at the end of this post.

I mounted the cab onto a square of stiff interfacing and stitched a peyote bezel around it with Dark blue size 10 Delica beads. I like using delicas because of their uniform size and large holes.

After I stitched the bezel I trimmed the interfacing and glued the unit to some soft ultra suede to hide the ulgly stitches and make a nice finished back for the pendant.

The next step is to join the front and back together and finish the edge with pretty picots.

When I finished the edgings and embellishments I added a Swarovski crystal link and used it for the pendant bail.

Here is the necklace being made. This stitch makes the necklace look like a spiral staircase of pretty bugle beads

This is how the back looks totally finished. See how neat and tidy it looks.

Here is the front finished, isn't it pretty.

This is a close up of the finished necklace. I named it Tranquil Waters because I think the glass cab looks like a pool of water with gentle ripples.

Tada here is the finished necklace I wish the camera could capture how pretty the pendant is but trust me it is lovely in real life.
I hope you enjoyed seeing how this necklace was made and maybe you are a little inspired to try a little beading yourself.


Ambient_Girl said...

Wow that's really beautiful, what a lot of work!

Cat said...

That's gorgeous, thanks for sharing!

Ginger said...

Thank you Ladies....yup it's a bit of work but it's kind of relaxing too.

Niki said...

Lovely! Do you use a magnifier when working with seed beads?

Ginger said...

thank you Niki....Normally I don't because I wear glasses. The Dr. made me a special stronger pair that are for beading.

Elaine said...

That's just beautiful Ginger!

I love the cab and all the pretty details you've added around it.

I mostly stare at all my pretty bottles of seed beads and bugles :)

Ginger said...

Thanks Elaine....I stare at my bead collection too, some things I have a hard time giving up. I have hung on to this cab a long time.

Cookie's Kids said...

Wow - the end result is gorgeous!

I love how the colors swirl perfectly together - you have a real eye for this!

Ginger said...

Thank you Cookie's Kids. I love the glass cab and I am really happy with the necklace.

Pumpy said...

This is really beautiful. xxx

Ginger said...

thank you Pumpy