Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thing a day challenge

 is having "a thing a day" challenge. We are making 1 thing a day in Febuary featuring polymer clay and posting it to the website for all to enjoy.

My day 1 project was the teardrop shaped necklace and pendant. The pendant base and the accent beads are made with polymer clay.

Day 2 project is the beads and pendant base all made with polymer clay.

Day 3 project is the beaded pendant from day 2.....

So far I am keeping up, I have the Grandkids the next couple of days so we will see.


Knightwork Studio said...

I have faith in you Ginger, you can do it.... and the grandkids will help.

Your beaded pendants are absolutely gorgeous!! And you take beautiful photos.


Ginger said...

Thank you the only thing a 3 and 1 year old help me do is make messes and watch cartoons but they are fun.

I am really trying hard to make my photos better. Jose bought a really nice new camera I am going to see if it works any better then my old camera.