Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sometimes life gets in the way.........

Well things have been busy at the Casa De Gonzalez the last month some good things and some bad. It has gotten in the way of keeping up my blog but I'm back......

So her is some of the new things I have been doing....................

This week I opened a new shop
ArtFire is a new site that features handcrafts. I have found a lot of new talented crafters browsing the Studio Shops; I also see a lot of Etsy shopkeepers there too. It looks like a promising up and coming site.

I have booked some of my Spring shows here are the dates...........
Brockton Big red Barn Market April 3-4
Brockton, Illinois

Wabash Valley Herb Festival May 9
Fairbanks Park, Terre Haute, Indiana

Rosedale Strawberry Festival June 5-6-7
Rosedale ,Indiana

I am gonna try to book a couple more maybe it will help make up for the slow down on Etsy. If not I will still have fun I really enjoy doing craft shows.

I have pulled out my bead loom and am really enjoying working on it again, I am working on a amulet bag right now. I think it might be cute to hold my cell phone.
It's working up nicely and I am surprised it's been a long time since I have drawn up a beading chart. I like drawing up the charts and playing with my colored pencils. If we ever get some sunshine I'll takes some photos of the work in progress.....I am so ready for spring!

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