Monday, September 22, 2008

Crazy for crystals

I really like the sparkle of things made with crystal beads.

The watch is made with peacock and silver crystals they are very lively in the sunlight.

The black and white bracelet is made with jet and aurora clear crystals. This is a very bold elegant bracelet.

The last bracelet is a pairing of round amethyst gemstone beads and green/silver crystals . I think the purple and light greed beads goes well together.

I made a couple of pairs of crystal earrings yesterday. It was a sparkling day on my worktable.

I have been making a lot of new things because I am getting prepared for my first show of the season.

I will be at
The Rosedale Indiana Civic Center
October 10-20 2008
For the 51st annual
Parke County Covered Bridge Festival

So if you plan on being in Central Indiana come and see me......

This is a great 10 day festival that covers the whole county and is a great time with lots to see.

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